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The Area
Yankee Cove was originally homesteaded in 1908 by two families who later opened the Bessie Gold Mine. Investors sent money in hopes they would get lucky. However, though the mine operated until 1927, it never really produced any gold. The families grew potatoes and sold them in Juneau for another source of income.

There are still remnants of the mine activities along the Bessie Creek Trail and at the mine site, which is a 2½-mile hike. The Bessie Creek Trail shows up on Google Earth.

Marion Hobbs bought the property in 1971 just after graduating from high school. It was originally 64 acres, but was divided into 6 parcels and 5 were sold. Marion kept the parcel that is now known as Adlersheim Wilderness Lodge.

In 1979, the driveway and bridge over Bessie Creek were constructed and in 1980, Marion built the residence for his family.

Sunset from lodge window

The residence became "the lodge" in 1984 when a local Hawaiian group ran a fishing lodge from Yankee Cove. It has been used as a lodge since then until we closed for improvements and renovations.

The land improvements and dock facility are almost complete and the lodge has just been remodeled. We look forward to sharing our truly unique property.

Marion Hobbs

The Owners
Marion Hobbs
was born and raised in Juneau. He has been a general contractor for more than 30 years, and he is adept at underwater construction as well as above ground.

He has been diving in the Juneau area since he was a teenager, and he has spent thousands of hours below the surface working on projects that most never get to see. Marion has many stories to tell about the things he has done and seen throughout his incredibly eventful life.

Naomi Hobbs was born in Ketchikan, Alaska, and raised in Juneau. She is the third generation of her family born and raised in Southeast Alaska. Naomi loves the outdoors and especially loves being on the water. She worked on a fishing charter boat as the deckhand and cook in the summer to help pay for college. All her hard work paid off because she is now an Alaska Registered Professional Engineer, and she has worked in design and construction for 12 years in Juneau.

For the last two years, Marion and Naomi have been working together building the dock at the lodge along with developing Spuhn Island for residential lots. It’s time to slow down and enjoy our beautiful property.

Naomi Hobbs

From the Dance of the Deer Foundation (Center for Shamanic Studies):

"Adlersheim Lodge has been a very special place to us for over 11 years. You can be sure we will be there again this year! Our family calls this unique place in Alaska "Nature's Disney World." We have had many intimate and breathtaking experiences with whales, bald eagles, bears, seals, and other wildlife, which are so abundant there. The beauty of the mountains, water, and ancient glaciers have been awe-inspiring. Often we have been treated to a spectacular show of Northern Lights, which we viewed as we relaxed on the deck and barbecued salmon caught that day.

"Naomi and Marion have been kind and generous hosts throughout the years. They are respectful of our privacy and are happy to meet our needs and requests. They have provided us with wonderful group experiences for many years. The lodge, cabins, and camping grounds are always well cared for, clean, and in good working order. We know we can count on having a wonderful time at Adlersheim Lodge."

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