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Sunset Bed of daisies Evening on the water
Sunset Landscape
Summer scene
Bed of daisies Bessie Creek

Fishing Boy with catch Resting on porch swing
Herbert Glacier hike
Fishing Lucky catch On a hike Porch swing

Crab and sea anemone Whale breaching
Crab and anemone
(Tani Bell photo)
Breaching whale
(Patti Patronsky photo)
Sitka blacktail fawn
(A.W. Hanger photo)
Squirrel eating nut
Sea lions on buoy
Wild mushroom
Bald eagle
(A.W. Hanger photo)
Otter on the beach Bear cubs Whale's tail Wild mushroom

The Lodge
Lodge on beach
Right on the beach The lodge Great Hall Relaxing view From lodge window

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